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Meals Men Love Cookbook


I just wanted to say that i LOVE your book!! Everything so simple but looks like a complicated meal... I bought your book about a month ago and my man has now asked me to 'live' with him, we move out in a few weeks! xxx

- I.F

Hi Lana, I have just found myself stopping by your site and saw your email address and thought I'd drop you a line =)
I received your book from my Mum for Christmas and I love it.....and so does my boyfriend! My boyfriend is Italian (and we live together in northern Italy) and he LOVES to cook. Also, being Italian, he can be a little critical when it comes to the cooking of others.
As such, early on in our relationship, I was nervous to cook for him and as a result he thought that I was not able to cook. But after receiving your book and cooking him a surprise birthday feast using your recipes, he now thinks I am a masterchef and have been hiding away my cooking skills! Needless to say, every recipe I have tried from your book has been a success and ridiculously easy to make =)
So, a little thankyou from me and I look forward to trying more recipes from you in the future.

- M.G

Hi Lana, I have been reading your book today and I just have to tell you that I’m a fan. I have laughed out loud so many times at the titles of the meals and I’m visualising myself in the kitchen preparing for a date or just ordinary meal time for my next man (newly single) with your recipes! Great ideaJ Looking forward to cooking your meals (and that says a lot from me!).

- K.C

I just wanted to thank you for your book. Especially you signing the inside, it is such a personal touch. My man works away and says he really misses my cooking when he is away but I was running out of ideas. I would search the internet for hours trying to find new things to try but they all seemed so fancy and he just isn’t into fancy food, just the plain and simple stuff he likes best and that is why I was so excited to see a whole book devoted to man food! Its amazing. Thanks again I cant wait to start cooking.

- S.R

Hey. Thank you so much gift wrapping it, my Sydney friend loved the book and apron. Thank you!!! It makes present buying from the other side of the world so easy!

- C.S (Hong Kong)

This book of great simple recipes is for my son who has moved into his own place. Thank you,

- E.B

Hi Lana, I saw you book in SMH - I ordered 1 copy last week and now want 3 more for Xmas presents - great book!

- J.K

Hi, Thank you for my book - having it signed was an added bonus. Thanks,

- Danielle

Hi there, i just got the book today and i already love it, thanks!

- S.F

Good Morning, The book arrived this morning thank you very much, And thank for signing it for me, it will be a great present.

- Kelly

I heard about the book through my friend who also had purchased one and we are delighted with the recipies we have made so far, great book!

- M.F

Hi Lana, I've got some feedback for the book of recipes, "Meals Men Love". I gave it to my new wife for Christmas and it's had a flogging ever since!!! She is pretty happy with the book and we have been particularly well fed over the last few weeks. The "Bake Me a Risotto" on page 58 is an absolute cracker. That one is on the "do again" list now!!!! Hope all is well and the book is selling well. Cheerio,

- J.E

Thanks very much. We received the book today - it looks great!

- Helen and Tom

Thank you Lana! Heard you on the radio yesterday and thought your book would be perfect for me too as sounded like pretty easy yet delicious meals I can cook after work. Best of luck! Regards,

- Dick

I've received my book and I just wanted to say I loved the personal touch of it being signed. Great idea! Thanks,

- Christian

Hi! The books just arrived at my office! Loving it. It's absolutely hilarious. Can't wait to try some of these recipes on my boyfriend. Thanks for autographing them too! πŸ™‚

- S.C

Got your book - thank you! For my sister who has a new boyfriend!

- Sheila

Hi Lana, The book arrived this morning, thankyou, and thanks for the prompt service. You've done a good job, it looks great and i think my wife will love it! I'm sure she'll have a chuckle as well as use the recipes. She likes to cook (for me too!) but is often at a loss for a suitable recipe (ie: wont do meatloaf!!!). Your book is full of good food which all appears easy to prepare. Have a great Christmas and i wish you all the best of success with the book. Cheers,

- Jason

Received - excellent - very happy .... many thanks πŸ™‚

- S.G

Thanks so much! I got the book the next day like you said πŸ™‚ Looks great. Thanks,

- A.H

I made the lamb shanks recipe on the weekend and it was hands down the best meal I've ever made. The meat was so incredibly tender, it just fell of the bone. As my boyfriend put it, "you don't even need teeth to eat it".

- (Via Vogue Forums)

Dear Lana, My book arrived today, and it looks so good I have ordered more for friends of mine. The recipes look so simple with few ingredients, which is great for me being divorced at 71. Many thanks and well done. All the best of luck, and you deserve to be successful.

- Bob

I am full of admiration for your double-quick service! I only read about the book in Thursday's Herald, ordered that pm and low and behold the parcel arrived today - Friday - and we live in the back blocks between Singleton and Muswellbrook. Simply amazing; I have never had such service. Many thanks. I think the serviettes are great. They will be so good for a country ladies lunch! And I am giving the book (after I have read it) to my daughter so she can try it out on her husband. Best regards,

- H.P

Someone used to say "How do you please a man? Wear a floral dress and cook him a meal." True that.
Would just like to show my support for the Meals Men Love cookbook. Initially I was a bit disappointed by this book - no pictures, VERY simple recipes. I thought it was a bit of a farce. Until I cooked a few meals from it.
My boyfriend was in absolute heaven.
I used to cook very complicated meals from more fashionable cookbooks but nothing gets better feedback than the seriously simple stuff in this little book (I reserve the fancy things for my girlfriends now!)

- (via SMH forum site by My Man Loves It)

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