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List of Recipes

Meals Men Love is a collection of over 160 easy recipes that take minimum effort while reaping maximum reward.

All the ingredients are available from your local supermarket, making preparation time workable for girls with busy lives.

This playfully named collection caters for breakfast, lunch, dinner, sweet treats, sides and snacks. The book also comes with “Being Lovely and Keeping Him Happy” tips to ensure a successful evening at home – Think Bridget Jones meets MasterChef.

Hi Lana, I have been reading your book today and I just have to tell you that I’m a fan. I have laughed out loud so many times at the titles of the meals and I’m visualising myself in the kitchen preparing for a date or just ordinary meal time for my next man (newly single) with your recipes! Great ideaJ Looking forward to cooking your meals (and that says a lot from me!).

- K.C


Eggcelent Way to Start the Day
Hole-ly Eggs
Good Morning My Man
Fast French Toast
Sweet Surprise Breakfast
Perfect Pancakes

Light Meals, Finger Food and Entrées
Gone in 60 Seconds Dip
Aren’t-I-Choking Hot Dip
Reality Bites
Chicken Little
Guess Who’s Got Spicy Nuts
Pizza Snack One
Pizza Snack Two
Pizza Snack Three
Friday Night Pizza
There’s Something About Pizza
Bruschetta Because I Love You
Easy Cheesy Bread Sticks
Oh Yes – He Likes a Zucchini Loaf
Sunday Sausage Rolls
Cheesy Love Triangles
Brooke’s Chicken Roll-ups
As Good As It Gets
Kathy’s Shakin’ Bacon Scrolls
Prosciutto Makes it Perfect
Yum Cha Yummies
I’m Hungry Now
All You Need are Oysters
Pastry Perfection
Fill Me With Mushrooms
Saltspears in Love

Quick Fix Tomato Soup
Hot Potato and Leek Soup
A Meal in a Thick Split Pea Soup
Bake Me a Soup

Salads & Sides
Sensational Salad
Simple Salad
Such a Great Salad
Spinach Salad
Salad in the City
As Cool as a Cucumber
Bread and Garlic Butter V
V Amazing Rice
Rave About Me Risotto
Bake Me a Risotto
He Couldn’t Have Done it Without Rice Frying Mr Rice
Butter Me Up Pasta
Corn on the Cob
She Just Wanted a Carrot
Carrots for My Sweetheart
Like Thelma & Louise, Carrots & Peas
Prince of Peas
Mr Garlic Bean
Asparagus in a Curry Hurry
I Heart New York Vegetables
Full of Beans
Roast Delight
Not Too Close, Garlic Broccoli
Lancashire Leeks
Love Me Tender, Peas and Potatoes
Potatoes, Shaken Not Stirred
French Kiss Fries
French Mashed Potatoes
Cheese + Potatoes = a Happy Man
He’ll Go Mushy for Mashed Potatoes
He’s My sMashed Potato
Deliciously Different Dumplings
Lovely Leek and Potato Bake
Ramekin Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Sauces & Marinades
Saucy Sauces
Buy Supermarket Sauces:
Make your own sauces:
Minx Marinades

Sensational Steaks
I’m a Hot Piece of Steak
Easy to Make Steak
Saturday Steak Sandwiches
My Man’s A Meat Lover
Cougar Casserole
Land a Man Lasagne
Meet Me at the Pie Shop
Hearty Hamburgers
Happily Ever Pasta
Everyman Loves Rissoles
Saucy Sausages
Simple Sausages
Sausages on a Sunday
Hotstuff Vealista Baby

First Dinner Schnitzel
Nuts for Chicken Breasts
He’ll Go Peanuts Over Chicken
Chicken Worth Crossing the Road For
Chicken Chasseur
Italian Stallion Chicken
I’m a Posh Bit of Spice
Poultry in Motion
Chicken Worth Waiting For
Show Me the Honey
Thigh Sauce-iety
Le Man Loves His Chicken
Chicken in a Curry
May This Sauce Be With You
Pies Wide Shut
He’s a Leg Man
Papa’s Fabulous Chicken Wings
Secret Hen’s Business
Fight them off with a Stuffed Roast Chicken It’s Your Birthday* Chicken Roast

He Likes to Chop
Baaa-utiful Lamb Chutney Chops
Chops & a Sweet Change
We’re Having a Barbeque Tomorrow – Lamb Kebabs
Shank You for Picking Me Up From The Airport
A Great Rack
Love Me Lamb Roast
Who ya gonna call? Roastbuster!
All You Need is Lamb

Ham & Pork
May The Pork Be With You
I’m Sweet, Sometimes Sour Pork
Aussie Beer & Barbeque Pork
Silly for the Pork Chops
3 Way Pork Ribs
Basic Bacon Pasta
Papa’s Pork Schnitzel
Crackle Me Up Pork

Fish & Seafood
The Easiest Yummiest Fish
Fishing for Compliments
I’ve Got Nothing to Cook
A Man Always Loves Chips
Wrap Me Up Salmon Garlic Prawns
Shrimp on the Barbie Prawn Pasta

He’s My Big Cheese
Everyman Has a Rice
Vegetarian Lasagna
A Pie For My Guy
Superb Spinach Tart
Perfect Pumpkin Pizza
You Have Me All Rolled Up

Desserts & Biscuits
Easy Lime Pie
First Dinner Lemon Tart
An Apple Today Won’t Keep this Doctor Away
As Sweet as Pie
Saucy Chocolate Pudding
Gentlemen Prefer Brulée
Are You a Man or a Mousse?
Chocolate Mousse – to the Max
You Swirl Me Bright Round Dessert
Pulp Addiction
Easy to Make Pavlova
I Don’t Have Anything For Dessert Dessert
Brandy Randy Strawberries
Strawberry Surprise
Tarty Cleansing Lime Sorbet
I See Lemon Sorbet
He Studied In America Oreo Dessert
Streets on Fryer
It’s the Bomb – Freezing Fire
Super Easy Baklava
Workplace Cookie Relations
Crave Me Cookies
Nana Was Married for 69 years – Because of These Cookies

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How to Catch a Man in 3 Courses
Basic Guides
Measurement Equivalents
Oven temperature guide
First Aid from a Sydney Surgeon
Being Lovely & Keeping Him Happy
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